About Us

Maggie Roberge has a passion to help women gain more confidence in themselves as they develop their own image and style especially by wearing the correct bra size!. Her purpose is to enhance each person's natural beauty through color and wardrobe. Her clients gain an ability to be more effective and efficient in dressing and shopping.


Maggie has 8 years of experience as a Personal Style and Image Consultant as well as an additional 8 years helping women get fitted into great bras that offer comfort support and shapeliness.


Maggie has trained on all aspects of style and beauty: wearing the correct colors for your skin tone, dressing for your body frame including wearing a great fitting bra, discovering your style, finishing the look with accessories. She can also help individuals rebuild their wardrobes.


Maggie consults one-on-one with clients as well as presenting seminars and teaching classes for groups of all sizes.  Among the groups enjoying and learning from her presentations are retail stores, such as Nordstroms; professional meetings at Rotary Clubs and Chambers of Commerce; adult education classes; and charitable organizations and church groups. She also offers bra fitting parties where the hostess earns credits toward free bras.


Maggie loves to help the inner beauty of a person shine through as the outer beauty blooms. Women who have had bariatic surgery are among her special clients. They now have new bodies and need to learn how to dress most effectively.

Maggie loves living in the San Francisco Bay area of sunny California with her husband of 20 plus years.

"I believe that everyone has their own unique look.  I love to bring out an individual's own natural, God-given beauty, and help them shine from within." -  Maggie Roberge


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