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Known as "The Bra Lady", Maggie's specialty is bra fitting.  Whether you choose to have a personal party or shop on-line, you can be assured that you will get the utmost attention and care in the selection of the right bra for you.

Are you totally frustrated with not finding a bra that fits, is comfortable and makes you look great?

Or at least mildly aggravated?

Or perhaps you are a woman that doesn't even know that her bras don't fit.

85% of women are not wearing a bra that fits, according to Oprah Winfrey with Trinny and Susannah from the BBC show "What not to wear".

For years as part of the training I received from The Crowning Touch Institute, I have known how important it is to wear a bra that fits.

"I have always recommended that a bra fitting is one of the fundamental keys to a wardrobe and look that works! It transforms a body's silhouette!

It can actually make you look 10 lbs lighter!

In the past, I have sent women off to department stores and hoped that they were getting a great fitting bra!  But now I can be sure that my clients receive not only a great fitting bra but the best on the market at a reasonable price. They give you fantastic support not from the straps but form the bra!  No headlights and a smooth look in your clothes. These  are made with a very soft fabric that are comfortable as well as supportive!

Hostess your own "Essential Make over" bra fitting party for 8 women or more and you can earn credits toward free bras!  Or ask for schedule on upcoming bra fitting events at BeautyBlooms studio in Sunnyvale.

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Maggie The Bra Lady
Maggie,Your Personal Bra Lady